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18 February 2010 @ 05:08 pm
psychoxletter (8:01:19 PM): the only thing I have to take off my mind from it is that I'm leaving tomorrow night
xHanae (8:01:45 PM): *nods* Uhm
xHanae (8:01:47 PM): uhm
xHanae (8:01:49 PM): *CLING* I love you
psychoxletter (8:01:55 PM): *blink*
xHanae (8:02:06 PM): *nods*
psychoxletter (8:02:22 PM): I hope only in a platonic way XD
xHanae (8:02:37 PM): Well, I'm no match for Kat, sooo
psychoxletter (8:03:52 PM): I'm not much of a partner, you can trust me on that one
xHanae (8:04:21 PM): lol
psychoxletter (8:04:41 PM): *nods*
xHanae (8:25:50 PM): *plays with your hair*^-^


Ask anyone. I'm always like this. And I'd also like to know what you meant by "Others you've hurt"
29 December 2009 @ 04:18 pm

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